Monday, August 24, 2009

Insert "lackofblogtopic" Anxiety Here

I've been willing myself since...err...last week, to blog almost every single day just to get into the habit. So far so good. Until today. Today I have no blogging topic. I did not see anything strange/funny/ironic on my way to work today. No one has said anything witty or moronic enough to quote since Friday night. I'm in a generally good mood about work since this morning. Hence the anxiety. In an effort to keep the dialogue going (with all two of you) I'm going to list some things I thought about today. Here goes:

The "Megan Wants A Millionaire Killer" -- how scary! VH1 did a terrible background check on one of the contestants of their reality show this past season and did not notice that he had a previous assault charge. Fast forward months later the man has KILLED his ex-wife, cut off her fingers and forcibly removed her teeth and fled to Canada where he hung himself. This is truly frightening and awful. I thought of a joke about VH1's terrible PR blunder but I can't even go with it -- it really does make you think about all the crazies out there who we continue to give media attention to.

Pants -- I hate pants. I might blog about this in the near future, but for now I'm happily frolicking in skirts and dresses and toasting to summer.

Yeah...those two sum it up I think.

Till tomorrow!

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