Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was going to eat that!

Someone stole my sandwich. Someone in the office stole my lunch today. How bizarre! Every once in a while a friend of mine or colleague complains that this happens to them, but I could never believe that someone who is either making the same amount of money as me or more would want to steal my food. Why not make your own sandwich? If you feel jealous of my fixins' why not order the same thing at the deli ACROSS THE STREET? And besides all this, why would you want to eat something that was not made by you. You don't know me from Joe! What if I like to sprinkle my Turkey with dirt? Or add a nice thick layer of spit between the lettuce and tomato? You just don't know! How creepy and violating. Today was also the first day of my save-more-money regime and now it is ruined. Just because, I hope my sandwich was extremely unsatisfying (even though I KNOW that it was actually delicious).

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