Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion, fashion, fashion Show!

image courtest of about.com

Fashion is in the air as designers flock to New York to show off their Spring 2010 collections.

For me, this translates in my attempt at reveling in the glow of "fresh-off-the-runway" models who are gawkily invading restaurants and shopping areas all over the city. Their knob knees and highly pronounced jaw lines beckon me to a world so close and yet so far...

Granted scoring a seat (though of course, not front row) at Bryant Park is completely doable, but finding a way backstage to congratulate Mark Jacobs, or good ol' Diane is...not. I'd even settle for lunch with Christian Siriano, but alas, no one is offering.

Also, why can't I wear what I see in magazines to the office? Who says taffetta is too much? I scored an AWESOME pair of vintage Sofia Loren sunglasses (she made sunglasses?!) during Fashion Night Out but I can't imagine that my manager would understand if I wore them to a meeting. Business casual has cock-blocked my parade yet again...

Viva la revolution!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dinner Party

Look at this feast!

My friends and I gather for a much over-due Dinner Party. That is what we, now adults, do. As guests, we are instructed to bring wine and dessert. As hosts, we scan our brains for how to entice our visitors and how to make them stay. The party favor at this dinner party was Humphrey the cat. Look at him mean mugging.

This time our hosts actually out-did themselves. Five courses! Fig and blue-cheese starters with boar prosciutto, an heirloom tomato bruschetta, a three-tier eggplant,squash and mozzarella magoo (not a real word, i know, don't worry) and we were satiated enough to skip the main raison d'etre; the fish. We went straight for the cannolis (from Arthur Ave, obvi).